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Implication de BMA dans l’Obstétrique

BMA sponsorise de nombreuses thèses universitaires et participe à des Congrès.



Acquiring minimally invasive surgical skills par Ellen Hiemstra
Advances in diagnosis and treatment of tubal subfertility par Kim Dreyer
Advances in training for Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery par Henk W.R. Schreuder
Air pollution exposure and pregnancy complications: The generation R Study par Edith van den Hooven
Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease after Hypertensive Pregnancy Disorders par Sanne Visser
Assessment of current and future ovarian reserve status par Simone Broer
Beyond successful external cephalic version par M. de Hundt
Biomarkers in endometrial cancer and related gynaecological malignancies par Laura Seeber
Cerebral manifestations of preeclampsia par Ingrid Brussé
Chromosomal mosaicism: underlying mechanisms and consequences for early human embryo development par Margarida Santos
Clinical aspects of Postpartum Hemorrhage par Babette Prick
Clinical implications of immune cell infiltration in vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia par Edith van Esch
Clinical significance of C4d in SLE and antiphospholipid syndrome par Danielle Cohen
Congenital Heart Disease. Vascular risk factors and medication par Dineke Smedts
Cost-effectiveness in reproductive medicine par Lobke Molenaar
Detection of premalignant cervical lesions: The role of digital colposcopy, human papillomaviruses and biomarkers par Jacqueline Louwers
Developmental origins of increased nuchal translucency par Nicole Burger
Dutch perinatal care: performance and innovative strategies par Jacoba van der Kooy
Economic evaluations and clinical decision making in obstetrics par Gert-Jan van Baaren
Early growth and cardiovascular development in childhood par Layla de Jonge
Early Human Growth: Periconception Epidemiological and Epigenetic Studies par M.I. Bouwland-Both
Early Prediction of Preeclampsia and Intra Uterine Growth Restriction par Koen L. Deurloo
Early pregnancy development and obstetric complications par Robbert van Oppenraaij
Eclampsia & Preeclampsia – causes and long term consequences of maternal brain involvement par Annet Aukes
Effects of vaginal prolapse surgery and ageing on vaginal vascularization par Maaike Weber
Endometrial Stromal Cells and Recurrent Miscarriage par Charlotte Weimar
Extended assessment in mild ovarian stimulation par Monique Sterrenburg
Female Aging – Quantification of ovarian reserve and its association with cardiovascular health par Annelien de Kat
Fetal and Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia: towards implementation of screening in pregnancy par Marije Kamphuis
Fetal echocardiography from a new perspective par Bauke Adriaanse
Fertility Forecasting: Advances in the role of anti-Müllerian hormone as a reproductive biomarker par Madeleine Dólleman
Fertility treatment in obese women par Aafke Koning
Fetal autonomic cardiac response during pregnancy and labour par Judith van Laar
Fetal fibronectin in the prediction of preterm birth par Merel Bruijn
Fetal fluid and protein dynamics par S. Pasman
Fetal growth restricion – Prenatal predictors for neonatal and late functional outcome par Jozien Tanis
Fetal volume measurements in the first trimester of pregnancy with three-dimensional ultrasound par Nicol Smeets
Folic Acid, Dietary Patterns and Perinatal Health – The Generetion R Study par Sarah Timmermans
Gastroschisis; perinatal and postnatal aspects par Claar Lap
Genetics of ovarian ageing par Marlies Voorhuis
Group B Streptococcus and Pregnancy; Towards an optimal prevention strategy for neonatal Group B Streptococcal Disease par Arijaan W. Valkenburg – van den Berg
Hemodynamic profyling in complicated pregnancies par Jérôme Cornette
Hemodynamics and maternal characteristics prior to hypertensive disorder of pregnancy par Karlijn Vollebregt
Hemodynamics and vascular development in the chicken embryo par Annelien M. Oosterbaan
Human embryonic growth: periconception parental and environmeltal factors par Evelyne van Uitert
Hypertensive disorders in pre-term pregnancy: management and long-term consequences par Josje Langenveld
Hysteroscopic Sterilisation par Bas Veersema
Imaging in early stage cervical cancer par J.P. Hoogendam
Immunological challenges during pregnancy; preeclampsia and egg donation par Marie-Louise van der Hoorn
Immunology and Immunotherapy of high grade cervical lesions and cancer par Peggy de Vos van Steenwijk
Impact of the male factor on the prediction of natural conception par Esther Leushuis
Improving cervical cancer screening in the HPV era par Remko Bosgraaf
Improving cercival cancer screening par HPV selfsampling par Viola Verhoef
Improving evaluation of obstetric interventions par Janneke van ‘t Hooft
Improving management of breech presentation at term par Floortje Vlemmix
Improving maternal outcome in low-resource settings using simulation-based training par Ellen Nelissen
Improving perinatal outcome; towards individualized care par Brenda Kazemier
Improving treatment strategies in ovarian cancer-towards individualized care par Hannah van Meurs
Inducing labour: comparison of pharmacological and mechanical approaches par Mieke ten Eikelder
Induction of labour – Folety catheter revisited par M. Jozwiak
Inequities in perinatal health – determinants ans strategies for improvement par Anke Posthumus
Innovative molecular markers for diagnosis and and prognosis in cervival neoplasia par Aniek Boers
Intercultural communication between doctors and patients; a multi-perspective exploration par Emma Paternotte
In vitro culture of human embryos par Ewka Nelissen
IUPC trail par J.J. Bakker
IVF and Internet, Evaluation of an Interactive Personal Health Record for IVF Patients par Wouter Tuil
Infants with a birth weigth ≤ 750 g; maternal characteristics, survival, neonatal morbidity and development par Marieke J. Claas
Intrauterine blood transfusion: indications, risks, quality control and long-term outcome par Irene Lindenburg
Laparoscopic hysterectomy: predictors of quality of surgery par Dries Twijnstra
Lifestyle interventions for obese women before and during pregancy; the effect on pregnancy outcomes, par Anneloes Ruifrok
Longitudinal brain development in extremely preterm newborns par Karina Kersbergen
Long-term follow-up of obstetric studies par Margreet Teune
Lymphatic development and blood flow alterations in fetuses with nuchal edema par Yolanda de Mooij
Management of endometrial abnormalities in postmenopausal women, an individualized approach par Merel Breijer
Management of first trimester miscarriage; new insight in old dilemmas par  Marike Lemmers
Management of term and post term pregnancy par Corine Verhoeven
Management of term growth restriction: neonatal and long term outcomes par Linda van Wyk
Maternal brain involvement in (pre)eclampsia. Pathophysiology and long-term consequences par Marjon Wiegman
Maternal Placental Syndromes: pathological mechanisms and long term consequenses par Jan Veerbeek
Maternal recognition of the (semi) allogeneic fetus during implantation and pregnancy par Lisa Lashley
Menopause and ovarian reserve: genetic and clinical aspects par Jeroen van Disseldorp
Minimal invasive diagnostics and surgery in early stage cervical cancer par Jonas van de Lande
Minimal invasive surgery: patients’ and doctors’ perspectives par Bertho Nieboer
Molecular targets in serous gynecologic cancers par Jolijn Groeneweg
Monitoring in pregnancy and labour: Uterine myography and Fetal ECG par Margo Graatsma
Monochorionic twin pregnancies par Karien Hack
MR imaging of metastatic lymph nodes: experimental, methodological and observational studies par Wenche Klerkx
Neonatal ventriculomegaly: diagnostic and prognostic implications par Margaretha Brouwer
Neuroendocrine regulation in PCOS par Marja-Liisa Hendriks
Niche in the caesarean scar, imaging, symptoms and risk factors par Marjolein Bij de Vaate
NIPT: towards implementation in the Netherlands, par Joanne Verweij
Normal and Abnormal Embryonic Development in Virtual Reality par Leonie Baken
Novel biomarkers for cervical screening and surveillance of women treated for cervical precancer par Margot Uijterwaal
Obstetric Emergencies in Primary Midwifery Care in the Netherlands, par Marrit Smit
On renal Pathophysiology in preeclampsia par Marlies Penning
Optimisation of GnRH antagonist use in ART par Oujidane Hamdine
Optimizing care for couples with recurrent miscarriage par Emmy van den Boogaard
Ovarian dysfunction & implications for female health par Nadine Daan
Ovarian reserve tests in the prediction of the fertile lifespan and current fertility par Martine Depmann
Pelvic Floor Function after Gynaecological Cancer Treatment par Menke Hazewinkel
Pelvic organ prolapse and a magnetic resonance imaging view on pubovisceral muscle avulsions par Karin Lammers
Personalized fertility care in the Internet era par Annemijn Aarts
Perinatal asphyxia and oxidative stress par Helen Torrance
Perinatal glucocorticoid treatment and perspectives for antioxidant therapy par Deodata Tijsseling
Perinatal mortality and severe morbidity of term infants par Annemiek Evers
Perinatal mortality: system related and environmental factors par Jashvant Poeran
Perinatal reproductive endocrinology in singletons ans twins par Esther Kuijper
Pessaries for the prevention of preterm birth in multiple pregnancies par Sophie Liem
Placental development in ongoing pregnancy and miscarriage par Averil Reus
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: preconception, pregnancy and offspring health par Marlieke de Wilde
Posttraumatic stress following pregnancy and childbirth par Claire Stramrood
Preconception Care: The influence of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Fertility par Fatima Hammiche
Predictive factors in epithelial ovarian cancer; towards individualized patient care par Marjet Rutten
Predicting recurrent preeclampsia, empirical and methodological studies par Sander van Kuijk
Preeclamptic disorders of pregnancy; novel moleculair insights par Jiska de Haan-Jebbink
Pregnancy and Outcome in Women with Congenital Heart Disease par A. Balci
Pregnancy related disorders and cardiovascular disease risk par Karst Heida
Prenatal detection of small for gestational age pregnancies par Bart Voskamp
Prenatal Down syndrome screening: screening policies revised par Melanie Engels
Prenatal screening for congenital heart defects par Christine van Velzen
Prenatal screening in twin pregnancies par Ingeborg Linskens
Pre-implantation embryo-endometrail signalling par Gijs Teklenburg
Preterm labor and medical test evaluation par Jolande Vis
Preventive strategies for preterm birth women with a multiple pregnancy par Lidewij van de Mheen
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency: genes, hormones, and beyond par Femi Janse
Psychopathology, phsychosocial problems and substance use during pregnancy, par Chantal Quispel
Q fever during pregnancy – lessons from the Dutch epidemic par Janna Munster
Recovery and return to work after gynaecological surgery par Ton Vonk Noordegraaf
Remifentanil for labour pain: safety and efficacy par Marit Douma
Remifentanil patient controlled analgesia versus epidural analgesia in labour par Liv Freeman
Results of Clinical Research to Improve EVAR par Evert Waasdorp
Risk assessment during pregnancy and labor, focusing on fetal growth and contractions par Blanka Vasak
Risk-based management in Obstetrics par Ewoud Schuit
Risk factors and prognostic models for perinatal asphyxia at term par Sabine Ensing
Risk factors for pelvic organic prolapse recurrence and the role of findings on translabial ultrasound par Tineke Vergeldt
Safe Motherhood: severe acute maternal morbidity in the Netherlands par Joost Zwart
Safe Motherhood: obstetric audit in Namibia and The Netherlands par Jeroen van Dillen
Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus par Marsha van Leeuwen
Screening for Spontaneous Preterm Birth par Melanie van Os en Jeanine van der Ven
Simulation of fetal heart rate declarations par Beatrijs van der Hout
Simulation Training in Hysteroscopic Surgery par Julliene Janse
Stormy clouds in seventh heaven. A study on anxiety and depression around childbirth, par Judith Meijer
Strategies to Reduce Perinatal Health Inequalities – the Healthy Pregnancy 4 All study par Amber Vos
Studies on induced labor par Jannet Bakker
Studies on Vascular Health and Reproductive Ageing par Felicia Yarde
Teaching and quality control in fetoscopic surgery par Suzanne Peeters
The effect of maternal diabetes mellitus on prenatal growth and postnatal development par Nurah Hammoud
The enigma of unexplained subfertility par Alexandra Bensdorp
The fetal heart. Critical appraisal of three-dimensional echocardiography par Lukas Bastiaan Uittenbogaard
The management of gestational hypertension or mild preeclampsia at term: The HYPITAT trail par Corine Koopmans
The maternal brain in (pre)eclampsia: long-term neurocognitive functioning, par Ineke Postma
The maternal brain in pregnancy and preeclampsia: physiologic adaptations and neurologic complications par Malou Schreurs
The significance of Hysteroscopy Screening prior to Assisted Reproduction par Jenneke Kasius
Timing of delivery for women with non-severe hypertensive disorders of pregnancy par Kim Broekhuijsen
Towards a better understanding of serous carcinoma of the female genital tract par Thijs Roelofsen
Translabial 3D ultrasound for diagnosing levator ani defects in women with pelvic organ prolapse par Kim Notten
Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence par Femke Slaghekke
Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriage par Stef Kaandorp
Unhealthy behaviors during pregnancy – Who continues to smoke and consume alcohol, and is treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms effective, par Chantal Beijers
Ureteral injuries during Laparoscopic Hysterectomy par P. Janssen
Uterin cavity evaluation in reproductive medecine par Janine Smit
Uterus preservation versus vaginal hysterectomy in surgical treatment of uterine prolapse par Renée Detollenaere
Women’s Health Implications of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome par Susanne M. Veltman-Verhulst
Work, environment and reproductive health par Claudia Snijder

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