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Projects in Indonesia

Maternal Perinatal Registry Indonesia (MPRI)

BMA has developed a system called Maternal Perinatal Registration Indonesia (MPRI) in alliance  with other Dutch and Indonesian partners. MPRI is a web based system for registering, reporting, analysing and communicating about maternal and perinatal data on a local, regional or even national level.  The data recorded in the MPRI are not only a trustworthy source for research, education and skill development, but also for accomplishing and monitoring interventions and strategies.

A pilot project has been running in 2012 in which eleven public hospitals in West Java registered approximately 13,000 births in six months. It is a first concrete step towards a standardized electronic recording using proven technology and concepts. Various hospitals in Indonesia use the MPRI system now.  Please click here for more information

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Feasibility Study ‘How to strengthen the gate-keeper function and referral mechanisms within the health system under the  new Universal Health Coverage scheme’

Within the TaskForce Health Care Working Group Indonesia a small consortium of five organisations – among those BMA – have been given a funding to execute a feasibility study. This study strives to identify and elaborate several scripts which will reinforce the gate-keeper role of primary care. This study preceeds a pilot project in Kulon Progo, (region of Yogjakarta, Java). The study will be carried out in the third quarter of 2014 in close cooperation with Pusat KPMAK,  Centre for Health Financing Policy and Health Insurance Management within the medical faculty of the UGM in Yogjakarta.

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