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  • Management
  • Better Insight Processes
  • Higher Care Efficiency
  • More Patient Loyalty
  • Operations
  • Location Independent Access
  • Optimal Communication
  • Improvement Quality of Care
  • Technology
  • Digital Archiving
  • Proven, Reliable Technology
  • CE Class I registered
  • ISO 13485 certified by Dekra



Mosos Ultrasound is a reliable and comprehensive obstetric information module with a connection with one or more medical ultrasound device(s) to, record and process the measurements and images from obstetrical ultrasound examinations. It offers insight into various growth aspects concerning the unborn child.


  • Mobile app – MyBaby2B Offering the expecting mother a mobile diary for her smartphone during the pregnancy. read more
  • Automated ultrasound communication Enabling various automated communication methods between the (multi-brand) ultrasound device and our Mosos system for, biometric data and imagery. read more
  • Various ultrasound examination types From early pregnancy, extensive, structural, advanced to gynaecology specific. read more
  • Biometric generated growth curves Observing possible abnormalities, deviations from the standard ethnic growth curve(s) read more
  • Interactive image and video gallery for evaluation Inprogram selection, assessment and possible export of chosen imagery - video's. read more
  • Personal curve maintenance Providing the ability to manually change, import and select the author of various curve types. read more
  • Various in-depth physiological research possibilities Including separate twin examinations. read more
  • Various letter and ultrasound report forms Single and/or multi recipients. read more
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