Added values

  • Management
  • Better Insight Processes
  • Enhance Care Efficiency
  • Reduce maternal, fetal and neonatal mortality
  • Operations
  • Location Independent Access
  • Optimal Communication
  • Improvement Quality of Care
  • Technology
  • 24/7 availbillity
  • Web-based
  • CE Class I registered
  • ISO 13485 certified by Dekra

Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Our Mosos Analysis and Reporting solutions serve to enhance quality of care. Registration and reporting of data is essentially a quality assurance activity. Its main purpose is to study, assess or evaluate health services in order to improve knowledge and competence of healthcare professionals.

  • Each individual Mosos module offers integrated possibilities for statistical analysis.
  • A web-based version also allowing healthcare centres to register, report, analyse and communicate maternal and perinatal data.

Making the appropriate decisions about programs likely to reduce maternal, fetal and neonatal mortality rates and allocating resources appropriately will require collecting high-quality data on those rates and the causes of mortality.

U statistics

P statistics


  • Mosos Maternal Perinatal Registration Web-based database application allowing healthcare centers to register, report, analyse, communicate maternal and perinatal data. read more
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