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  • Management
  • Better insight Processes
  • Higher Care Effiency
  • More Patient Loyalty
  • Operations
  • Location Independent Access
  • Optimal Communication
  • Improvement Quality of Care
  • Technology
  • Digital Archiving
  • Proven, Reliable Technology
  • CE Class I registered
  • ISO 13485 certified by Dekra

Patient Records


The combination of multiple Patient Records, offer without doubt the most complete electronic support for outpatient-, inpatient- and delivery-monitoring during the pregnancy.

All records developed in close cooperation with a multi-faceted user group from the Obstetrics domain. Fully based on the functional requirements of the people using Mosos in daily practice.

Mosos Patients Records are a specialist, domain-specific electronic record that offers more depth than any general electronic patient record.


  • Mosos Outpatient record Outpatient record offers an overview and consistency check of the obstetrical medical history and previous pregnancies. read more
  • Mosos Parturition record Developed for the Netherlands and Belgium to automate an entire parturition registration, capable of automatically generating letters and reports on behalf of general practitioners and/or aftercare nurses. read more
  • Mosos eBirth notification eBirth takes care of the (mandatory) electronic medical registration and statistical information on behalf of national health authorities. read more
  • Mosos Clinical record Real-time course overview, chronologically summarised offering an overview of the complete case history, current pregnancy, planned actions/policies and Including an extensive filtering mechanism. read more
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