Added values

  • Better Insight Processes
  • Higher Care Efficiency
  • More Patient Loyalty
  • Location Independent Access
  • Optimal Communication
  • Improvement Quality of Care
  • Digital Archiving
  • Proven, Reliable Technology
  • CE class IIa certified by Dekra
  • ISO 13485 certified by Dekra

Fetal Monitoring


Mosos Cardio-Toco-Graphy or Non-Stress-Test offers a reliable and comprehensive obstetric information system with a connection with one or more CTG / NST device(s).

Mosos CTG or NST provides in the:

  • Monitoring, recording and archiving of CTG / NST signals.
  • Continuous insight into all aspects of the cardiotocogram reflecting the condition of both mother and unborn child.
  • Instant and continuous 24/7 availability and accessibility of CTG / NST data.
  • Deployment as mobile solution for home monitoring.


  • Adjustable ‘one-glance’ overviews Flexible viewing - zooming options per single or multi-recordings. read more
  • Automated alarm-levels Flexible settings for tachy- and bradycardia levels. read more
  • Combining and enlarging recording views User-specific single- and duo-views for CTG and partogram. read more
  • Composition of an integrated Partogram Graphical presentation. Fully automated through notes and the actual recording. read more
  • Creating flexible workspaces Location independent entering, accessing, assessing CTG data and notes. read more
  • Safe-guarding mandatory notes and user-orders Presented in a chronological and structural overview read more
  • Fetal monitoring at home A Mosos Home Monitoring solution that enables the midwife (ambulant nurse) to register a CTG at home. read more
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