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Corporate Social Responsibility

The policy of BMA focuses not only on creating business values but also on social values, in particular the wish to realise a positive impact on society.

There are still a lot of areas in the world where accessible and adequate medical care before, during and after childbirth, is often still not well regulated or insufficient. In addition to availability of capacity, knowledge, infrastructure, resources and funding the deployment of information technology also plays a role when it comes to improving the quality and access to care and reducing the mortality rate of mother and child. By initiating and participating in projects that have a clear link with the Millennium Development Goals # 4 and # 5 of the United Nations we will give concrete substance to our ambition to help in reducing the mortality rate of mother and child in specific areas.

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Afbeelding website Reduce Child Mortality    Afbeelding website Improve Maternal Health

Click on the symbols to visit the website of the United Nations regarding the Millennium Goals 4 and 5.

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